Ramona Kearns

Director:   The saying is out of one comes many; I am an individual with a kaleidoscope of skills. From designing to getting my hands dirty in the earth. I love it because Baileys is that and more. I am able to lead as well as follow comfortably. My motto is, if you don’t mean it, don’t say it. If there is a need for a project, I will step up to the plate to do my best. I have 26 years of experience working at Verizon (New York Telephone, Nynex, and Bell Atlantic), progressing from associate to management. During my career I have volunteer my time in the public schools system as PTA president, school leadership team member, and leaders for learning reading program for first through fourth grade. I have tutored students who are slow learners. My skills and techniques have given them confidence to overcome many learning obstacles. I have also participated in numerous workshops to encourage and motivate parents to become more involved with their children and school communities. Ongoing projects include knitting, and crocheting garments for women who are victims of domestic violence. The goal is to give them the confidence to get their lives together and a sense of purpose. I am Bailey’s Café! Currently, I co-teach the children’s discovery class at the Unity Center of New York City. During my downtime, I enjoy reading, writing, as well as designing specialty garments and accessories. I have graduated from SUNY Empire State College, and Colorado Technical University. I have successfully mentored first year college students, providing them with information about the many resources offered at CTU.

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