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As Quiet As It’s Kept

A Multi-discipline performance installation based on the stories of veterans of color

and their role in a changing community

After four years of research, community conversations, asking questions, creating and exploring, on Saturday, November 11, 2017, we presented the World Premiere of our installation performance piece As Quiet As It’s Kept (AQAIK), an exploration of home, community, and honor, while expressing hopes for belonging in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

Set in 1959 and 2017, AQAIK, explores the stories of community members who leave to become veterans and those who stay to become veterans of their community, the time that passes and changes that occur inside and all around them.

Under the artistic direction of Monica L. Williams, six artists–Kadeem Alston Roman (choreography/dance), Zoe Flowers (writer/actor/poet), Michael Hill (guitarist/lyricist/vocalist), Anna Pond (writer/actor), DJ Reborn (soundscape artist), Robyn Twomey (photographer), through a collaborative process, created the next phase of this multidimensional work.  To get a sense of what happened when Bailey’s was transformed in a mobile performance space, check out the video below.

AQAIK, a ten year project, is a work in progress and we are looking forward to sharing the next iteration in fall 2018.

The Cast: Top Left:
Kadeem Alston Roman, Monica L. Williams,
Jamyra Salley, Stefanie Siegel Bottom Left: Anna Pond, Michael Hill, DJReborn, Zoe Flowers