Bailey’s Cafe T-Shirt

100% quality cotton. Chocolate brown with green design and lettering. Bailey’s logo on the front and the quote from Gloria Naylor’s novel, Bailey’s Café on the back:$15 each. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2X




Big Top & The Blues | Bailey’s Books


Big Top & The Blues, text and original song by Michael Hill and illustrations by Nina Norwood, is a children’s story about how a family copes when the father, a blues musician, is on the road. This is Michael’s first attempt at children’s literature; a blues guitarist and lyricist, the story is a rendition of what took place when he was touring. For Nina, a Brooklyn born artist, the book became her first experience with the world of book illustration. Big Top & The Blues with its accompanying CD containing a song written by Michael and his son Seth or “Big Top” is a great way to introduce younger children to the idea of story and song writing and how songs tell stories.

$12 plus shipping and handling


Both books have educational merit and can be used with children and teenagers in a variety of forums.


Through Bailey’s Books we hope to continue to present the voices of our participants; to give them the opportunity to share their wisdom, life experiences and creativity.  

Southern Grown | Bailey’s Books


Southern Grown, besides being illustrated with Dora’s family photos also contains historical photographs of items some younger readers may no longer be familiar with: an outhouse, still or churn for example. The narrative captures a moment in American history that will soon no longer be living memory. $10 plus shipping and handling


Bailey’s Books supports our goal of developing opportunities for those whose voices are seldom heard to be honored and celebrated. Besides are theater troupe, compilation CD and documentary videos, the books offer another medium of self-expression.