How You Can Help

Volunteers of all ages and capabilities are welcome.  Mentors, tutors, teaching artists, videographers, photographers, editiors, gardeners, cooks and everyone who wants to bring their love and energy to the work will be received with open arms. 

“Even though the planet is round, there are just too many spots where you can find yourself hanging on to the edge…unless there’s some space, some place, to take a breather for a while…” Gloria Naylor, Bailey’s Cafe

Bringing this imaginary place into being, our Bailey’s Café is the ultimate goal.  It will be a place of solace, creativity, education and cultural activity for the young and old and everyone in between.

Having events at different locations has given us visibility and created a network of friends and supporters. The ultimate vision is to have a building of our own. The space will house a large communal kitchen and eating area, as well as space for workshops, performances, study, and gathering. It will be designed, renovated and staffed by members of the community, both young and old, and it will offer a range of opportunities for self-expression, learning and service. We will foster the ideas of self-value, community-sustainability, and entrepreneurship through our social enterprise activities. We have located our dream home (see the Google Map above) but have not secured the funding; we would love to hear your ideas on how we might be able to push our Building Campaign forward.

Bailey’s Needs Your Support

Join us at future events  and bring your friends. Please donate as much as you can when you can. Every dollar helps. And, because Bailey’s Café is a not-for-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.  Use the easy donate button on the top of the page or send a check to:  Bailey’s Cafe, 279 Sterling Place, #3A, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Current & Past Supporters

Beacon Foundation
Brooklyn Community Foundation formerly Independence Community Foundation
Brooklyn Arts Council
Living Love Foundation
WellMet Foundation
Individual Donors:
Jay Leno
Stewart Rahr
Milton Verret
Mary Lou and Jeffrey Shafer
Mecum Auction
Gordon D. Sondland and Katherine J. Durant Foundation
With the sponsorship of Jay, Yamaha has held two motorcycles auctions and all the proceeds have gone to Bailey’s: the first one in 2009 raised $120,000 at the Barrett Jackson Auction in Las Vegas and the Mecum Auction in August 2011 raised $87,000.
Assemblywoman Annette Robinson
Councilman Albert Vann
Councilwoman Letitia James