L.U.G. Your Share

Living Urban Green (L.U.G.) is a concept developed by Co-Founder and Creative Director, Kymbali Craig.  It is a marketing tool for making members of our community, who are not necessarity tuned into the Green Movement, aware of what it means to go green responsibly and in the fullest sense of the word.  L.U.G. Your Share is not just about the issues of littering or choosing a healthier life style.  It is also about being the best you can be at “job” or “occupation,” be it student, parent, teacher, santitation worker, security agent, etc.  L.U.G. Your Share is geared toward an urban population that is use to a fast pace life with limited resources, whose members may not necessarily see the value in eating organic food or recycling and not wasting valuable natural resources.  Our new L.U.G. Your Share PSA will be posted at our Media Gallery soon.

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