Bailey’s Cafe presents “We Are Here (Brooklyn)” which launches August 1, 2021 and runs for 11 weeks in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The public art installation, featuring portraits of long-time residents by Robyn Twomey and interviews by Monica L. Williams, spans a five block radius and includes a virtual gallery accessible by QR code. Opening day will kick off with live performances by featured residents in front of their portraits. “We Are Here” is a celebration of Bedford-Stuyvesant’s rich cultural legacy—a testament to its past and present. This exhibit is culturally produced by Pia Monique Murray.

Red, yellow and blue silhouettes of people appear on a sunny neighborhood block lined with row houses. One adult is leaning from a window waving hello to an elderly passerby, another is playing guitar on a stoop, a soldier is saluting, and a child is playing on the steps outside of a home. The title “As Quiet As It’s Kept” and the subtitle “An exploration of home, community service and legacy” are displayed, and a small white rectangle of logos sit at the bottom.

As Quiet As It’s Kept (AQAIK), Bailey’s Cafe multidisciplinary artist in residency special project, started in 2013, was originally based on the stories of veterans of color, their experiences in combat and with returning home. As AQAIK evolved the voices of long time community members were included to contrast the stories of those who leave to become veterans and those who stay to become veterans of their community. As time passes, what are the changes that occur inside and around them? How do ideas of home, community, identity and honor shape a rapidly changing neighborhood? AQAIK was created through a collaborative process, under the artistic direction of Monica L. Williams with artists from various genres: Kadeem Alston Roman, Zoe Flowers, Michael Hill, Anna Pond, DJ Reborn, Robyn Twomey.

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