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Beginning summer 2017, Bailey’s started offering a Dance Conservatory to meet the interests of a growing number of participants in all of our youth programs who have a strong interest in dance. Kadeem Alston Roman, the director, lead teacher and developer for the Conservatory takes an unconventional to the idea of a “conservatory.” The first summer session, meeting for six hours on Fridays for six weeks, examined entertainment dance versus concert dance and included five master classes with a wide-range of professional dancers. During the school year 2017-2018, the Conservatory meets for three-hour sessions on Friday’s after school, this year the goal was to learn the basics of choreography. Focused on developing a strong interest in dance into a committed practice is one of the goals but with all of our youth programming it is also an opportunity to develop discipline, self-knowledge and esteem. All seasons of the Conservatory end with a performance created by the participants under Kadeem’s direction.  check out the excerpt below from our 2017-18 after school session.  Featuring:  Nizinga, Jasmyn, Elijah and Niyae.  Please contact Stefanie at [email protected] for more information and to register.