Our Neighbors

Since moving to our first home, 324 Malcolm X Boulevard, Bedford-Stuyvesant, a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in Central Brooklyn we have been building a stronger connection to our immediate neighborhood.  Previous to having our own space, we were mobile bringing our programs into the spaces of other organizations.  Now we are able to learn first hand how we can the needs and desires of our neighbors and fulfill our mission:  to create an atmosphere of collective awareness, respect and responsibility, built on the talents and resources of the community.

We are grateful to the Fort Greene Neighborhood Senior Centers where we can connect with elders, St. Philips Episcopal Church for opening their space to our dancers and vocalists every summer, to CS21 The Crispus Attucks School for welcoming in our after school program for fourth and fifth grade girls, to Butterfly 7 and the local bodegas for the advice and support and, to the Decatur Block Association for their partnership.  But this is just the beginning, as Bailey’s grows to become a fixture in the neighborhood.  Please join us on the journey!