Our Home

324 Malcolm X Boulevard is our first real home.  The space has served many:  a barber shop, candy store, game room, etc.  The layout of the space allows us to have a cozy front room, lots of comfortable couches and chairs, artwork from our past programs, musical instruments, etc.  While the backroom is an open space that can be utilized for performances and rehearsals as well as a gallery space.  In between the two rooms is a pantry and opening off the backroom space a small backyard that is mostly concrete. It has limitations but it is home and people often comment on how welcoming the space feels and the great energy.  This is intentional as we want our neighbors or anyone who wanders in to feel connected, respected, seen and heard.   

We share our home with like-minded individuals and organizations, either for a small hourly fee or for barter.  In this way, we are able to serve artists, activists and others who have a hard time finding affordable space for rehearsals, gatherings, readings, ceremonies, etc.  We are able to experience what it means to be a place where community members can gather and co-create with us to make the world a better place.  

We are working toward acquiring our own space near our current location, which will enable us to expand creating more opportunities for economic development, social entrepreneurship, community engagement and artistic expression through our communal cafe, media center, music, movement and visual art studios, performance space, community garden and wellness clinic.  Learn more about our building campaign here.