Youth Summer

The summer program offers participants the opportunity to explore their identity, develop their creative vision and abilities, and explore their place within the community. The program culminates in a performance/presentation, which every participant helps to create, and which gives expression to his/her individual experience.

 Summer 2022

Bailey’s summer program is a free six-week, arts-based leadership development program for young people ages 12 to 24 years of age. This year the program offers participants the opportunity to explore the question: What’s in my hands?  We will explore the idea of being a creative by connecting with elders and others who have made a life as a maker and want to share that legacy. We will also have time to create together and to dig deep into what it means to be an engaged and active member of their community.   For more information and to register for our summer 2022 program email Stefanie at:  [email protected]

  • Summer 2019 we explored the themes of authenticity in the Age of Social Media, mental health and kindness.  Our 36 participants co-created an amazing final performance with the support of our incredible team of teaching artists: Ben Allen, Kadeem Alston Roman, Priscilla Amado, Angela Bell, Danhy Clermont, Marvin Dolly, Brittany Grier, Dana Hanchard, Zane Rodulfo, Marienne Thomas and Iris Williams.  We also collaborated with Camille A. Brown & Dancers Every Body Move program, who brought dancer/choreographer Pia Murray and Black Girl Spectrum curriculum into our girls gender study sessions.  The summer started with the Womanity Project’s signature workshops on Identity Power Change.  They ended their sessions by creating this powerful video of our participants speaking about the change they want to see in the world.