As a young woman, Jamyra Salley has always been interested in issues of injustice; those that she sees in her immediate neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY and in the larger world. Her desire to know more about these circumstances, which at times seem to only be changing for the worse, led her to major in Urban Studies at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School while her minor in dance gives her the opportunity to explore creatively how our bodies express injustice and how they heal and find hope. Before beginning at Lang, Jamyra was just an observer not really understanding the dynamics of race, gender, and class; now she’s starting to see all the underlying factors that influence her as well as others. She is interested in bringing a positive change in both the communities where she works and lives.  Currently, Jamyra is pursuing a master’s degree in Design and Urban Ecologies at Parsons School of Design.  She has been involved with Bailey’s Café since she was 15 and has evolved from participant to a staff member, and in March 2017 became a member of the Board of Directors.