Pia Monique Murray is known as a jack of all trades in the dance industry, having been a choreographer, performer, teacher, arts administrator, stage, tour/company manager, and rehearsal assistant. She has worked with nora chipaumire, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Dianne McIntyre, Blondell Cummings, Vangeline, Katsura Kan, Pedro Ruiz, and Michelle Gibson in various capacities. Pia has been a teaching artist for Urban Arts Partnership, Dreamyard Project, Brooklyn Arts Council, Dancewave, and Mark DeGarmo & Dancers. She performs contemporary dance company with RAKIA!, traditional dance from Côte d’Ivoire with Vado Diomande’s Kotchegna Dance Company, burlesque with brASS Burlesque, and leads Pia Monique Murray Dance Collective (PMMDC).  Pia is a longtime member of the Bailey’s family, teaching dance to Bailey’s girls and young women through a collaboration with Camille A. Brown & Dancers Black Girl Spectrum. In 2019 she joined Bailey’s staff as Cultural Producer for As Quiet As It’s Kept.

Summer 2021, Pia has transitioned to Producing Artistic Director for Bailey’s for future manifestations of As Quiet As It’s Kept and other community based art installations/performances.