Priscilla is a Multi-disciplined Healing Artist and Community Organizer. She is a proud Africana by way of Cabo Verde islands. Although she was born and raised in Boston, Priscilla moved to NYC in 2010 and is currently living in Brooklyn as a producer and multimedia marketing consultant. Her other modalities include herbalism, divination and sound healing.  Heavily inspired by the indigenous/aboriginal spirituality of humanity’s ancestors, Priscilla studies ancient culture and is dedicated to her Ancient African/Kemetic yoga practice as well as writing and painting. She is Co-Founder of Tehuti Ma’at Association and directs the organization’s Organic Food for the People project as well as Sankofa, a photography/video workshop for children teaching pre-colonial African history. The Sankofa workshop model is what brought Priscilla to Bailey’s Cafe, in 2016, as a visual arts educator for the rites of passage program.