Ramona Kearns’ strength comes from giving and helping others learn, develop and grow.  She brings her outright passion and sincerity to everything she does (her motto being “don’t say it if you don’t mean it”). Ramona also enjoys teaching fiber arts, art therapy, creative writing, sewing, and expressive dance.

After 25 of working in a corporate environment, Ramona has transitioned to academia, working as a Parent Coordinator for the NYC Department of Education.  In this capacity, she is able to interact with students of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Currently, Ramona is taking post-graduate courses in family crisis and intervention/prevention services.  She also holds a bachelor’s in Community and Human Services and masters in Business and Science. Ramona earned a BA in Community & Human Services from Empire State College and an MS in Business Management from Colorado Technical University.  A founding Board member, Ramona has served since 2001.